Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to many frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is BrightEyesKidsDay Care staff qualified?
Yes, our staff is trained in Childhood Education approved by the State of California Department of Education and have experience working with children. In addition, our staff members maintain valid First Aid Certificates and CPR while they are Health, safety and nutrition for childcare certified.
Do I need to notify BrightEyesKids staff about my child’s absence?
It is your responsibility to notify us when your child is ill or has been picked up by someone at school. Please take a moment to call us and let us know that your child will not be attending. Child safety is important to us all.
What is the child withdrawal policy?
The Day Care must be notified a minimum of two weeks prior to the withdrawal of a child. If proper notice is not received, two weeks payment is required in lieu of notice.
Do you provide Special Needs?
We do not provide special needs care.
Do you provide evening and week-end care?
We do not provide evening or weekend childcare.
Toilet Training Required?
When a child is ready for toilet training, parents will be asked to provide plenty of training pants. It is the parent’s responsibility to take home wet or soiled clothing to be laundered.
Do you provide Meals & Snacks?
We do not provide Meals or snacks to the children.
How do you administer medication?
Our staffs are not authorized to administer any physician-prescribed medications to enrolled children. Staffs are permitted to administer only over-the counter topical ointments, sunscreen lotion and with written parental consent.
How do you accommodate for Special Diets?
Some children in child care have special dietary requirements. Food allergies are common in young children, and we are also aware of cultural and religious preferences. We make sure to discuss this with child’s parent.
Can you pick my child from the school?
Pick up is not available for children.
What are the clothing requirements?
Child should be dressed in clothing that is appropriate for physical activity, the weather and the season. A second set of clothing should be kept at the daycare in case of accidents. Parents are expected to provide adequate supply of diapers and wipes for their child.
How do you implement discipline?
Children are disciplined in a positive manner at a level that is appropriate to their actions and their ages in order to promote self-discipline, ensure health and safety, respect the rights of others and maintain equipment.
Can I visit my child at the center anytime I’d like to?
Parents are encouraged to participate in the program and visit your child in your free time. If there are any concerns or questions please feel free to approach us at any time.
Do you arrange field trips?
Not at this moment.
How do you handle accidents?
We always strive to provide a safe environment at BrightEyesKids and serious accidents are a rare occurrence. Minor cuts and bruises that are handled by the staff are recorded in an Accident Report and kept on file. When the child is picked up, parents are notified of the accident and are required to sign the Accident Report. Accidents or illnesses requiring medical attention will be immediately reported to the parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to come to the Child Care Center and transport the child to the Doctor or hospital. In the event of an emergency, the Child Care Center will call 911 for immediate medical care.
Can my child celebrate his/her birthday at the center?
Parents are welcome to bring in a treat (cupcakes, cookies, cake, etc.) for your child to share with his/her friends. Snacks containing nuts are not allowed as this can cause severe allergic reactions in some children.
What will happen in the event that you choose to go on vacation?
Should this ever happen, parents will be given 2 weeks notice, and we will try to plan our vacations around the schedule of the parents whenever possible!